Thank you for visiting this website and sharing my quest to learn more about how the history of Greenville may have been shaped.  The communication processes that determine history can probably be extended to all secular history, not just Greenville’s history, even though there may be unique influences here.
     Often history is written only by the winner with “the conquered” being too exhausted or too broken-spirited to care about truth.   Much information is sealed in the silence of those who are too overwhelmed to tackle what they know to be false reality that becomes established as “fact.” 
     My own experiences have allowed me to see how various impressions are created by selected words and phrases that do not express the true and complete picture.   The concept of doublespeak helps put much of the history about my Hollingsworth family into perspective.  Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines doublespeak as “language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth.”
God has blessed me with surviving our story that is both a love story and a horror story.  I am pleased that others have been helped along the way and grateful for the help I have received from others.
This is a journey to define how history develops.   Often, there are no filters on material translated into “history” – merely influences such as pleasing media advertisers and readers, supporting political agendas, and echoing folklore.  


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