• To make people more aware of the concept of doublespeak or spinning a story and how the selection of words can re-write history.

  • To investigate and report instances in the History of Greenville where words have shaped how a story is interpreted.  This can happen by selecting or limiting information

  • Impressions can also be conveyed by choosing words that conjure up a certain image in the mind of the reader or listener. Simply expressed, there is more than one side to most stories and the selection of words can play a powerful role in the images we have.

  • Information about my family was presented to the Greenville County Historical Society and has been printed and spoken elsewhere. I believe that some of the words demonstrate doublespeak or putting a spin on a story. In this video I respectfully address some issues that are of particular concern and ask for your consideration of how incomplete and inaccurate information became history.


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